Destratification Fans for Commercial Buildings

For structures with high ceilings, there can be great temperature differentials from floor to ceiling, necessitating commercial-grade HVAC systems. Facilities such as factories, warehouses, churches, hospitals, and other such structures can realize improved air quality, efficiency, and air distribution with the installation of destratification fans.

Modern axial destratification fans, much more efficient than traditional paddle fans, help companies/organizations save money by providing energy savings. Energy savings of up to 30% have been realized by some customers, helping to considerably offset the cost of the fan.

Destratification fans are specially designed for open ceilings and for grid ceilings. The F-18 destrat fans allow more air using less power, providing greater savings of energy. They come standard with a motor 92% electronically commutated efficient. Made of durable aluminum, their open concept design provides ample access for simple and quick maintenance and repair. Coming in square or round models, they are equipped with Speed Control/BAS interface, controllable by a custom wall switch or through an integrated circuit.

Destrat fans for grid ceilings come in flush mount lay-ins for standard 2×2 ceiling grids. LA/DA products come standard with high-quality 3-bladed electronically commutated motors, are multi-speed programmable, and thermally protected. Like the open ceiling F-18 models, these fans are constructed with aluminum, and can be independently or group wired to a custom wall switch with multi-speed capabilities as well as the on/off switch. And like the F-18s, these fans can interface with building management systems controlled through an integrated circuit. These fans are completely self-contained, with no duct attachments.

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