Designing Options with Arch Doors

With a new home design, or even when renovating and older home, upgrading to a unique style of entrance door is a great way to make your house more unique and interesting. Traditional styles of arch doors with completely modern designs and styles, or those that remind us of Old World elegance and charm are a very popular option.

When adding any types of arch doors, from singles to double doors or those with transoms and sidelites to match, planning for the door so it looks compatible with the rest of the home is always critical. Planning to design elements that will tie the door to the rest of the home design is essential as you want the entire home to flow with the design and complement the other features of the home.

Arches and Round Tops

Some people refer to arch doors as round-top doors, but there can be a difference in the amount of round or arch to the top of the door. This is largely a factor of size and design of the door. The more prominent round tops are often found on single doors where there is less width to complete the curve.

To add to the curve or arch, or to reduce the look of the curve or arch, start by looking at different styles of doors. Top manufacturers will offer an excellent variety of options to allow you to find just the look you want to match the other lines in the homes design.

It is also possible to add sidelites or transoms to enhance the desired shape. These can also be a very practical option if you choose what is known as active or operational sidelites. They allow you to open and close the top, bottom or entire sidelite for additional breeze and air circulation.

Matching Features

For arch doors on a front entrance, choosing a larger window to have a matching arched design is a great way to enhance the look of both. You may also want to consider a rounded or arched shape to the window itself, such as a bay or a bow window, which will tie in very nicely with the door.

Brick and natural stone make a perfect match to compliment the shape of arch doors. Your masonry professional can design a matching arch in the masonry, giving a very traditional look to the design and highlighting the beautiful flow of the top of the doors.

The style, design and curve to the arch doors we offer at Nick’s Building Supply are different with each model.

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