Designing and Personalizing Custom European Kitchens in Naples, FL

If you are remodelling your kitchen and want to the look to resemble Custom European Kitchens in Naples, FL, your finished kitchen will be one that is designed for someone who loves to cook. A European kitchen is primarily designed by the functionality of the space, everything is within reach, there is plenty of space and it is sleek and comfortable. Custom European Kitchens in Naples, FL have a streamlined design that is visually appealing as well as efficient. One of the most common materials used in a European kitchen is stainless steel. It is a popular material for the cabinets, appliances as well as occasionally used on floors in tiles. Wood is also common, especially tall cabinets mounted to the wall. To make the space look more open, frosted glass is occasionally used in the cabinet fronts.

The pulls and knobs used on the cabinets should be sleek, yet simple in the design. The ideal floors for a custom European kitchen is wood. If there is a center island it should be slightly large and serve as a functional piece and be made with wood. To add color to the area, consider painting one of the walls a deep orange or red with a soft, lighter color on the remaining walls. Accessories such as cushions on bar stools or chairs can also have reds or oranges in a basic pattern. When designing a European inspired kitchen, the primary thing to remember is that the space is meant to be used as an area for ease in cooking as well as entertaining while cooking.

The kitchen is typically the primary room of the home where friends and family gather to enjoy meals and spend time together, so the design should be comfortable, open and functional. When designing your kitchen, it is important to add your own unique touches to whatever style you are creating. Do not be afraid to add an unique work of art to the kitchen or choose to paint with a color you would not typically use. The space should be an area where you enjoy spending time and adding your personal touches will help to make the area more welcoming. Click Here for more information!

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