Designing a Garden That You Can Place on Your Wall Instead of in the Ground

Add life to the walls in your home or office with a vertical garden. This is similar to a garden that you would plant outdoors. However, all of the greenery and flowers are positioned on a large wall with an irrigation system and nutrients. Here are a few design ideas to help you get started with creating one of many vertical garden wall systems.

The Backdrop

Before you choose which plants you want in your garden, you need to design the backdrop. A large pallet or a few small pallets that are nailed together work well. You can stain the pallets or paint them to match the rest of the wall or other details in the room. Another option would be to use wooden shelves that are designed at an angle so that you can position plants and flowers to look as though they are growing from the wall.


Once you have the backdrop designed, you can begin choosing where the wall will be placed. You need to place the garden on a wall that’s large enough to support the backdrop. Try to center the piece on the wall so that it’s a focal point. It should also be located in an area that has an outlet so that you can connect a light and an irrigation system. The light isn’t a necessity, but it can deliver beautiful effects, especially at night.

Choosing Your Plants

When you have the ideal location in mind and you have the wall itself arranged, you can then begin deciding on the type of plants and flowers that you want to display. Look at the colors in the room where the display is placed. One of the things to keep in mind about vertical garden wall systems is that they should blend well with their surroundings.

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