Dentures or implants; what is the difference?

If the time comes when teeth have to be replaced for one reason or another, two options immediately come to mind; dentures and implants. Both are viable options and need to be considered but there are reasons why one solution may be better than the other all based on the situation. Once your dentist has explained in detail the differences between the two you will be in a much better position to make the right choice.

The first recognizable difference between dentures in Fall River and implants is that dentures are designed and manufactured in such as way as to allow them to be taken out when desired. Regardless of whether the denture is designed for the upper or lower gum, it consists of a molded plate section which fits snuggly over the gums, it is normally held secure through the use of a dental adhesive that is applied to the denture before it is inserted into the mouth. The adhesive does a double duty; not only does it help in holding the denture in place; it acts as a cushion which stops any irritation.

Dentures in Fall River are very different than implants, where dentures are designed to be taken out; implants are permanent and are never removed. An implant is much more like a real tooth, the gums are used to hold the tooth the same as a real tooth; they do not have to be held by any adhesive and they are brushed and flossed the same as natural teeth. When the dental implant is produced and fitted the difference between it and a natural tooth is basically non-existent, they look and function as a natural tooth. Teeth implants are ideal for those who want convenience and a fit that is perfect.

It is thought by most that dental implants are much more costly than dentures; this perception may be wrong as the cost of a perfect set of dentures and implants is not that different. The difference lies in the variable qualities of dentures, there are some which are far less expensive than others.

A third option is to consider a combination of dentures and implants, this procedure combines implants which act as anchors for dentures allowing them to snap in providing a very natural look.


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