Dentists Teach on Dental Implants in Neptune, NJ

Have you lost your teeth and are considering how you are going to improve your facial appearance? Dentures do not have to be your only option. These days, you can get dental implants that will improve your oral appearance quite nicely. If you are in New Jersey, family dentistry will do dental implants in Neptune, NJ. They want to tell you some things you should know about dental implants.

* An implant is much better than dentures or bridges. A screw made of titanium is placed in the jawbone, and the prosthetic teeth are placed in. Placed in properly, there are no downsides physically, and they last a long time.

* Implants are not cheap; insurance policies generally don’t cover them, and just one tooth can cost up to $4,500. However, they are worth the cost.

* All implants are not alike. Most will use implants made by the original Swedish manufacturer, which have had a 90% success rate. Only checking with your dentist will tell you for certain.

* Consider shopping for a dental discount plan that will help to offset the costs. You can also consider the timing. Since the implant process is usually in two parts, if you have a flexible spending account at work, try to schedule the first part at the end of the calendar year, and then do the second portion the next year. That way, you can take advantage of pre-tax benefits to take care of a huge part of the expense.

Glamorous Smile Dental Spa will handle dental implants in Neptune, NJ and all your cosmetic dentistry needs. They do teeth whitening, contouring, bonding, crowns and bridges, specialized dentures, Invisalign braces, extractions, root canals, sealants, scaling and root planning, veneers and of course, dental implants. They also handle toothaches and other dental emergencies. They address dental problems such as abscesses, impacted wisdom teeth, gum disease (gingivitis), bad breath, cavities and tooth decay, and dental problems associated specifically with diabetes.

Glamorous Smile Dental Spa teaches you about preventative teeth care for children, special care for seniors and the elderly and a host of other services. For dental implants in Neptune, NJ, you can contact Glamorous Smile Dental Spa at their location.

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