Dentist in Camp Hill, PA: What Is General Dentistry?

General dentistry is the equivalent of the general care that you would receive when you go to see your primary physician for a check-up. You are supposed to see a dentist in Camp Hill, PA for a routine checkup once every six months just the same as you are supposed to see a doctor once every six months. It is a common misconception that as long as you take good care of your teeth seeing a dentist every six months is not necessary. A lot of people just assume that as long as they brush and floss their teeth multiple times a day they should be fine. The thing you have to understand about a dentist in Camp Hill PA is the fact that they use equipment that can reach and remove things from your teeth that your toothbrush and your floss cannot.

What Kind of Procedures Do General Dentists Do?

Most general dentists have taken the time to be trained and educated on a pretty large spectrum when it comes to the various dental procedures. This allows them to be someone you can come to for all of your dental needs instead of just one specific kind of needs. Some of the services you would expect a well-rounded general dentist to offer include:

* Dental Implants

* Cosmetic Procedures

* Dentures

* Crowns and Bridges

* Mouth Guards

* Gum Disease Prevention

* Oral Hygiene and Nutrition Advice

* Restoration Care

* Oral Surgery

* Teeth Cleaning

A general dentist is required to acquire seven years of schooling after high school in order to become a licensed dentist. They are required to acquire three years at an undergraduate school followed by four years at a dental school. Depending on how many classes they take each semester it is not uncommon for dentists to go to school for eight years instead of seven to get all of the classes they need. Naturally, they would also be required to take a licensure examination before they can officially start practicing as a dentist. Most dentists are either going to have the abbreviation DMD or DDS after their name. While they do stand for something slightly different, they hold no value in terms of which abbreviation is better.

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