Dental Veneers in Spring, TX will Fix Chipped Teeth or Ugly Gaps Between Teeth

People know that they are judged by their appearance. That’s why people with chipped teeth are often uncomfortable smiling. Other people have awkward spaces and gaps between their teeth that make them hide behind their hands when they speak. Older people may think that there’s nothing, short of having all their teeth capped or pulled out, that will fix their smile. They should speak with a cosmetic dentist about Dental Veneers in Spring, TX. In just one visit a dentist can fashion veneers that give teeth a uniform shape, proper spacing and a vibrant white smile.

Veneers in Spring, TX are very popular for brides and grooms as well as parents of the happy couple. They ensure that everyone will have the perfect wedding picture smile. Anyone who has concerns about the appearance of their teeth, should speak with a cosmetic dentist. The first thing he will do is examine the teeth and ensure that they are healthy enough for veneers. Any cavities will have to be filled. The patient will also have to have enough enamel on their teeth. That’s because a thin layer of the enamel is scraped off so the veneer will sit properly on the tooth.

Patients can opt for either resin veneers or porcelain veneers. A dentist can fashion resin veneers in their office in only one visit. This makes them very convenient for busy people who have very little time to spare. Resin veneers can also be a bit thinner. Veneers In Spring TX are thin shells that are bonded over the front of the teeth. Not only do they reshape teeth and fill in ugly spaces, they can cover the most stubborn teeth stains. Some stains are caused my illness and medication. These don’t always respond to traditional whitening methods.

Some patients prefer porcelain veneers because they think that they look more realistic. In this case the dentist will prepare the teeth and then take an impression of the upper and lower jaws. These are sent to a dental laboratory, where a technician will make the veneers. The dentist will apply them at the second visit.

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