Dental Professionals and Dentist in Catonsville, MD

The Dentist in Catonsville, MD offer advanced dentistry service across the board including; primary dental care, endodontist, orthodontist, periodontist and prosthodontist just to cover a few. The patients needs general dentistry treats, diagnoses, and manages are; routine checkups, teeth cleaning and gum care, coatings, whitening, fillings, root canals, crowns, veneers, bridges, crowns, and preventive maintenance in some instances referring the patient to a specialist for treatment, any such services are provided at David Lee D.D.S.

An endodontist is a specialist addressing the diagnosis, treatment and causes of injury and disease affecting the dental pulp and or the tooth nerve. This is the type of specialist general dentist refer patients to in need of a surgical root procedure or a difficult root canal.

An orthodontist is the most commonly known among children treating bad over bites of the teeth and surrounding structures. This specialist is responsible for straightening teeth. It is fascinating the way this occurs, it does so by actually slowly moving the teeth through bone by the use of bands, wires, brackets and braces or retainers. This specialist treats anyone from children to adults of all ages, anyone who desires to improve their appearance and bite. Invisalign braces are also available to many for whom suitable. An orthodontist will make that determination.

An periodontist specializes in the diagnoses, treatment, and prevention of mouth, soft tissues and gum disease, the supporting bone structures of the teeth for dentures and natural teeth. The periodontal dentist diagnoses and treats gingivitis, inflammation,gum and bone disease. They may also perform deep pocket cleaning of the gum area in and around the gum line, root planing, crown lengthening, bone grafting, flap procedures, implant placement, hard and soft tissue placement re-contouring or removal.

A prosthodontist is the oral health specialist who repairs natural teeth, replaces missing teeth on a much larger scale than that of a general dentist. This dental care provider uses artificial teeth. dentures, gold crowns, ceramic crowns, gold crowns or caps to replace the missing or damaged teeth in need of repair or replacement. Those advanced in this field work with patients suffering head and neck deformities to replace missing portions of their faces and or jaws with artificial substitutes.


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