Dental Implants Will Put a Big Smile on Your Face so Get Examined and Evaluated

People with missing teeth or teeth that are damaged beyond repair don’t lead ordinary lives. They experience pain, discomfort and embarrassment to the extent that they simply don’t want to smile or even look at another person straight in the eye. Many of these people get to the point where they begin looking at cosmetic dentistry. After an examination and evaluation, they realize for the first time that they’re suitable candidates for dental implants in Macon, GA. Once your dentist has been given the green light, an individualized plan for reconstructing your smile will be formulated.

The Process

By using state-of-the-art 3D technology, the color, size and shape of your nearby teeth will be matched with your new implants. The actual procedure is performed in two steps. First, a titanium post is positioned into the jawbone. That post is the actual implant. It replaces a tooth’s root. Bone fuses well with titanium, so once the post is fused to the jawbone, the artificial tooth is securely attached to the post.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants look and function just like normal teeth. Patients experience greater self-confidence, improved chewing and speech. They can even brush and floss normally. As per durability, with proper care and periodic dental checkups, dental implants can last a lifetime. Dental implants also work to keep surrounding teeth stable while also preventing bone loss that can cause facial sagging and aging.

More and more patients are opting for dental implants in Macon, GA, because they realize that implants allow them to have a permanent solution. Schedule an appointment with a dentist for an examination and evaluation. A dentist can tell you if dental implants are a suitable solution for your oral health, and if you need one or more implants. It’s could be that a new smile is possible for you, and you can get back to living with more self-confidence.

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