Dental Implants in Keizer, OR, are The Best Option for Tooth Replacement

Many adults often find that they either experience extreme tooth damage or lose teeth completely as they age. While many things can be done to avoid these issues, in some cases, they are inevitable. When tooth loss does occur or teeth need to be removed by a dentist to protect a person’s health, there are several options for replacing these lost teeth. While dentures have been the most common replacement option for years, Dental Implants in Keizer OR are quickly becoming the preferred method for tooth replacement.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Implants are a better choice than other options for several reasons. First, they most closely replicate real teeth and are less likely to be noticed by others as false. Also, implants fit better into patients’ mouths by their very nature. Unlike dentures, implants are surgically implanted into patients’ gums, so they cannot wiggle, come loose or fall out. Implants are also much easier to eat with, as they act more naturally and offer users the ability to bite properly into foods.

Are There Any Downfalls to Implants?

While implants are preferred by many people to options like dentures, they do have a few downfalls. Most importantly, they are more expensive than dentures. The upfront cost associated with them can be a major deterrent to many. Also, since they involve surgery, implants require a recovery time before they can be used properly. Other than these issues, however, dental implants in Keizer OR make the best choice for many.

Where Can Patients Receive Implants?

While specialty dentists used to be the only place to find implants, many general dentists and oral surgeons are teaming up to offer these options to their patients. It is best to speak with an office that has been trained and is experienced in providing implants for the most impressive results. Always speak with an office and ask for referrals before choosing who will perform implant surgery.

Implants are quickly becoming the number one way for many to replace missing teeth. Dentures simply do not look as natural or provide as impressive results as implants do. Contact Riverfront Dental LLC to discuss implant options and consider these tooth replacement options today.