Dental Ailments Can Affect Your Whole Body

There are many ailments that are the result of poor oral health. Most people don’t know how severely your dental health can affect the rest of your body. These ailments are generally not thought about when thinking about the health of your teeth, but they are linked. Here are some of the most common ailments that come from poor dental health:

  • Heart Disease. Poor oral health can lead to a higher risk for heart disease. If your gums are inflamed, that bacteria can get into your bloodstream, then into your arteries and build up into plaque. This plaque hardens the arteries causing atherosclerosis, a very serious disease. There are many other heart diseases that can come from poor oral health.
  • Dementia. Bad oral health has a negative effect on the brain. The bacteria that comes from gum inflammation can kill brain cells and lead to memory loss. Ultimately, gingivitis, inflammation of gums, can lead to many issues within the body.
  • Respiratory Infections. Bacteria from infected teeth and gums can travel to various parts of the body including the lungs. This can lead to pneumonia, bronchitis, and respiratory infections.
  • Diabetes. Oral disease can make diabetes harder to control. Blood sugar levels can spike or drop dramatically because of gum disease. Having diabetes can make an individual more susceptible to oral infections. Since these infections can lead to unstable blood sugar levels, it also gives an individual an increased risk of developing diabetes.
  • Pregnancy Issues. Expectant mothers must practice good oral hygiene. Any infections can travel through the blood stream to the unborn child. This increases the chance of having pregnancy complications and serious health issues for both mother and child.

Want to Talk to a Professional?

If you are looking to get professional advice, or even just a regular checkup in the Wood Dale area, look no further than Brian Homann, DDS. Dental offices will be able to help you prevent and, if things are already progressing, find a way to stop oral disease. Dentists will work with you to create the perfect oral health plan for you.

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