Defending Yourself Against Domestic Violence Charges Through A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Gilbert, AZ

Victims of domestic are identified as current and former household members. This includes spouses and individuals who had a romantic relationship previously. Children within the household are also protected under these laws. The primary element in these cases is to intent to cause bodily injury.

What You Should Know

An order of protection is provided to the victim of these crimes when they fear for their lives. It prohibits the identified attacker from visiting any locations that the victim visits frequently. This primarily covers their home, work, and homes of relatives. However, when they are accusing someone of domestic violence falsely, this order could be used to disrupt the defendant’s life. If you were arrested and charged with domestic violence, you should hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Gilbert, AZ to help you.

What Could Happen

Depending on the circumstances of the charges, it is possible for you to receive up to a two-year prison sentence. When there is an order of protection, the alleged victim can contact law enforcement each and every time you violate any term of the order. You will incur a charge for each violation which could include jail time or a hefty fine.

If you have a child with the victim identified in your case, this could affect the way in which you maintain visitation rights. For example, an order of protection could enforce supervised visitation of your child. This implies that you cannot see your child unless prior arrangements have been made through the court. A court liaison will supervise visitation and report back any violations included under child visitation within the order of protection. This could lead to termination of your parental rights or restrict limitations. Before this occurs, you should discuss your case with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Gilbert, AZ. Visit  for more details.

True victims of domestic violence are protected under Arizona laws. Unfortunately, in some cases, the victim becomes a defendant in criminal proceedings. This could negatively affect the life of the individuals and their children. If you were accused of domestic violence, you should hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Gilbert, AZ by contacting the law firm of Janet R. Feeley L.L.C. today.

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