Deciding Which Type of Suntouch Thermostat to Install for Floor Heating

When homeowners decide to install an electric under-floor heating system, they’ll need a special thermostat to control the temperature. A Suntouch thermostat works like other digital devices people are generally familiar with, but it’s designed for electric floor heating. The products are available in three category types.

Programmable Models

Households keeping to a regular schedule benefit from having a programmable Suntouch thermostat. They program the device to decrease the temperature once everyone has left for the day. The thermostat is also set to raise the temperature when the first resident is due to arrive home.

Smart Devices

Smart devices also are available so people can control the temperature from somewhere else. For instance, a couple with no children might decide not to come home immediately after work. The thermostat can be contacted to keep the temperature low until later.

All smart thermostats are programmable, but the household residents don’t have to use that feature. They can keep the device in an override state and change the temperature as they see fit. This is typically the best option for people whose schedules are relatively erratic and who would like to control the home’s temperature from other locations.

Nonprogrammable Thermostats

Those who have no interest in a smart device can simply install a nonprogrammable digital thermostat. They’ll be able to easily change the settings when at home.

Devices for Different Rooms

With an electric system, the home can have separate thermostats installed for different rooms as well. This allows the residents to save money on electric heat costs by keeping the temperature low in rooms not being used.

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