Dealing with DUI Accusations? Hire a DUI Attorney in Overland Park, KS

Have you been accused of driving under the influence? If you don’t agree with this accusation and you’d like to fight it, it’s best to have help from a DUI attorney in Overland Park, KS who has experience dealing with situations that are a lot like the one you are in. There are several ways that an attorney can assist you with your case, which includes finding out information from the day or night that you were pulled over and accused of drinking under the influence.

How Will an Attorney Fight Against the Accusations?

There are certain mistakes that officers may make when pulling people over, which is one of the things that a DUI attorney in Overland Park, KS can use against them in your case. The attorney will look into whether or not the stop was legal. Was there a legitimate reason for the cop to stop you? If you were driving the speed limit, not driving erratically, didn’t run a red light, and were following all the rules on the road, the officer didn’t have a real reason to pull you over. Based on laws in the area, it’s possible to have a case thrown out if you were pulled over for no real reason.

What Else Will Happen with My Case?

The attorney will look into other things, including the breathalyzer test. If you refused to take the test, that doesn’t mean that you were driving under the influence, but it could mean that you didn’t want to take it because you felt you were pulled over for no reason. If you did take a breathalyzer test, the attorney will check the results before making a decision on how to handle the case any further. Regardless of those test results, the attorney will still represent you.

If you’re worried about DUI charges and the consequences that come along with those charges, visit website to find out how a DUI attorney can help you. Whether you were drinking or not, having someone to help you who understands the law is worth it, especially if you want to get out of trouble.

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