Custom Patches for All Occasions and Purposes

A custom patch is a form of material that has been embroidered with a design to symbolize an event or thing. Patches are usually given for accomplishments that someone has made. Whether they have joined a team, or earned patches for doing certain activities, the patches are a great way to recognize their achievements. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and school athletic teams all give custom patches frequently for various things that students accomplish. Patches are durable, easy to wash, and they are relatively inexpensive to design and purchase.

Customization Options with Patches

Patch design options are endless. They come in every shape imaginable, and they can have tons of different colors to make them vibrant, colorful, and unique. The design can be of a company logo, an image that portrays something, or pretty much whatever you want it to be. Patch shapes can be circles, squares, triangles, or any shape that you need. All patches typically come with solid stitching on the outer edge of the patch, so that they can be sewn onto clothing, jackets, sashes, or anything else that is worn. All branches of the military use patches to signify rank and other things. Since most military uniforms are green or brown, the patches are typically made in corresponding colors that will match the uniforms. They can be purchased in bulk, and they are one of the most affordable ways that you can recognize people for the things that they have achieved.

Irregular Shapes and Sizes with Custom Patches

Patches don’t just come in the form of a circle or square. They come in every size imaginable, from triangles and stars to diamonds and every other type of shape. Although most patches are sewn on, they can also be obtained as iron-on varieties instead. Iron-on patches have gained in popularity, because they are much easier to apply for people who don’t like to mess with a needle and thread. Iron-on patches are much faster to apply, and they look just as good. Iron on patches requires heat to be applied. The heat melts the glue on the back of the patch, sealing it to the material. This is a permanent option, and cannot be easily removed.


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