Custom Or Standard Aluminum Extrusions Stock

For many manufacturers, construction projects, and fabrications using standard aluminum extrusions stock is a good option for many different reasons. By having the aluminum extrusion cut at the distribution center it is possible to virtually eliminate waste on the job and keep within your budget.

While aluminum extrusions stock is often the right choice, there are specific reasons why you may also want to consider custom extrusions. By understanding how the two differ, and the advantages of both, you can make the right decision based on these factors.

Stock Extrusions Pros and Cons

The obvious advantage to aluminum extrusions stock that is on hand at the distributor is the cost factor. These pre-made pieces are available for immediate shipping and, because they are pre-formed, they also save you time and money on the job site.

With precision cutting available for aluminum extrusions stock at some distribution centers, there is no need to buy precision saws and train people to handle the cutting needs. There is also no waste in missed cuts or poor control for tolerances as everything that is delivered is perfectly cut to specs.

However, not all aluminum extrusions stock is exactly what is needed for a particular job. In these cases, the modifications required on the job may actually add to the cost of the product both in time, labor and in potential wasted materials.

Custom Extrusions

While many people assume that aluminum extrusions stock is the lowest cost, in many cases and for complex pieces and parts custom extrusions are the best option.

By working with an aluminum metal center with extensive experience in providing custom extrusions, you may find a die has already been developed that meets your needs, or can be easily modified.

Even when you require a complete fabrication of a highly specialized die for the extrusion process, this is typically a very low-cost option when compared to the alternatives. The die is then available for all other orders, which greatly reduces the costs as you move forward.

Keep in mind when ordering custom extrusions there is no additional modification, fabrication or alteration required to use the component. This translates to increased efficiency, decreased downtime and simplified issues in construction or fabrication.

For most aluminum use, having a company that can provide both aluminum extrusions stock and custom extrusions offers the greatest flexibility. This in turn translates into the ability to choose the right project for the job without limitations.

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