Custom Metal Fabrication: Producing A Unique Product

Metal fabrication is a finishing process involving a variety of skills. The work utilizes diverse technology to produce everyday components for many different industries including construction and manufacturing. While some Cleveland shops handle standard fabrication projects, others venture into the field of specialization. They do custom metal fabrication.

What Is Custom or Customized Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication refers to any process that takes stock metal and cuts, bends, molds and/or shapes it into a finished product. The stock metal may arrive in sheets, rods or even bars. They are available in a number of shapes and sizes perfect for fabrication. This makes the ideal fodder for the processes required to produce a standard or even customized item.

Custom fabrication occurs when the fabricator receives a request to produce something that is not “standard.” It may be a unique product. It may be a prototype of something different. These components are essentially a specialized component. They fall into the category of custom or built-to-order. Custom fabrication services can provide a variety of services to help the manufacturing company or other client. The three main areas are:

1. Design assistance of the part
2. Prototype production
3. Short or long run production

What Custom Metal Fabrication Services Offer

Custom fabrication services vary in accordance with the demands of the specific project. They also can vary with the requirements of the customer. When it comes down to it, fabrication shops in Cleveland have collaborated on the diverse aspects of custom jobs at the different levels.

 * Design: Fabrication shops may work in shop with their design company or collaborate with the customer’s designers to produce a concept. They can also create a design or provide a thorough analysis of the design and its product in terms of material, properties and other characteristics.

 * Fabricate: The shop may actually produce the component or product. They may create a prototype or reproduce the actual product to specifications.
 * Finishing: Instead of designing or fabricating a complete component, the specialty services may work with the customer to improve the quality of the item. They will accomplish this through post-fabrication treatments.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Manufacturing a unique product is challenging. It often requires considerable planning and careful preparation on the behalf of both the manufacturer and the fabrication shop. In Cleveland, fabrication shops have responded to the challenge such work brings. Some have chosen to become custom metal fabrication shops adopting and adapting their skills, shops and equipment to the specialized needs that many customers require to remain competitive.

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