Custom Car Magnets for Advertising

Bumper stickers are a great and classic way to make a statement. Everybody knows the uses of a good, well-placed bumper sticker. Political election seasons are one of the times that you see the proliferation of the most bumper stickers. They are great fundraisers for the candidates or teams or organizations, and they also allow the driver to show his or her support. But what do you do once the election is over? What do you do once the fundraiser has passed? Some people leave them on their cars, but many people think that looks silly. Some people try to peel the bumper stickers off. They tend to either leave behind a bunch of the bumper sticker or take a bunch of the car’s paint with it. There’s no good way to remove those things. They’re designed to adhere to your car at highway speeds. So what other option do you have? You could use custom car magnets.

Political Campaigns

Political campaigns are particularly contentious times in towns, cities, states, and the country. Many people feel the need to express whom they are voting for. They oftentimes do this through bumper stickers. Traditional bumper stickers are paper fixed to a car with an adhesive. While not necessarily permanent, they are very difficult to remove, and nearly impossible to remove without damaging your car. After the election, you really might want to remove that bumper sticker but find you can’t. You might especially want to remove it if your candidate lost.

Custom car magnets can be removed just like a refrigerator magnet. They are made with a very powerful magnet that will stay secured to your car even at highway speeds. However, you can peel it off with your bare hands and re-apply it as many times as you would like. The magnetic bumper advertisements will leave no marks or scars on your car. Nor will they peel the paint off. They are made of a damage resistant vinyl that resists weathering and tearing.


Perhaps you own your own business and you need to figure out a way to get your name out there. Custom car magnets might be able to solve your problems. A large magnet printed with your company’s logo and contact information could be like a mini billboard rolling down the road. However, you don’t want to commit your employees to having that one their cars forever. An easily removable advertisement such as a magnet could serve your needs perfectly. Your employees can put them on their cars while at work and take them off when they are not at work. The vinyl printing can be done in full color with your company’s logo, address, contact information, etc. in the exact colors you desire.

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