Custody Lawyer in Warrenton: The Rights of Unmarried Parents

In most cases, the need to hire a Custody Lawyer in Warrenton only arises during a divorce. However, parents going through the divorce are not always the only people involved in the fight for child custody. The need for a Custody Lawyer in Warrenton can arise when parents are not married, when grandparents want their rights to visiting their grandchildren to be enforced, or when anyone else with a close relationship to the child wants to try to get custody. Whether you are a parent or just someone with a close relationship to a child, it is important for you to know your rights.

Unmarried Parents

When parents are not married most states are going to award sole custody to the mother. This is unless the father is willing to take the necessary steps, required by the court, to be awarded custody. The unfortunate truth is that an unwed father is not likely to win custody over a mother who is considered by the court to be a good parent. However, there are steps he can take to gain some form of custody as well as visitation rights.

The rights of unmarried parents are really not that different from the rights of a couple getting a divorce. The judge is going to look at the best interest of the child and the best interest of the parents. Whether you are on good terms with the other parent or not, it is always a good idea to hire a Custody Lawyer in Warrenton. This way you have the best possible defense when it comes to fighting for your right to have custody of your child.

When you are hiring a Custody Lawyer in Warrenton it is important to think about what kind of lawyer you want. Do you want a lawyer that is going to defend your rights by explaining why the other parent is a bad parent or do you want a lawyer who focuses on why you are a good parent? It is also important to make sure you are thinking about the best interest of your child. Just because you have no desire to pursue a relationship with their other parent anymore does not mean that they feel the same way.


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