Criminal Attorney Chicago: When You Did Not Do It

No one is perfect and that includes prosecutors and police officers. It is not uncommon for someone to get arrested and charged with a crime they did not commit. Getting arrested and charged with a crime you did not commit just makes it even more important for you to hire a Criminal Attorney Chicago as soon as possible. You can try to Browse Site John Fitzgerald Lyke, Jr. & Associates in order to start looking for potential lawyers. Just make sure you explore all of your options before picking the right lawyer for you.

Getting charged with a crime you did not commit is devastating. There is no reason for you to just roll with the punches and see what happens. You need to tell your Criminal Attorney Chicago you did not commit this crime and they need to help so you do not get convicted of a crime you did not commit.

The information that the prosecutor used to decide whether or not to file charges with you is the first thing your lawyer is going to look at. The unfortunate truth is that a large portion of the time the only information that a prosecutor has to go on is a police report. This is a real problem because police reports are not always completely accurate. There are times where they are not accurate at all. The officer could have made mistakes or the people they interviewed could have lied about what happened. Do you deserve to be convicted for a crime you did not commit because a police officer cannot do paperwork and/or people told lies? Of course you don’t!

Your lawyer is going to start by suggesting that there was never enough information to charge you with the crime in the first place. If the prosecutor and/or the judge agrees with your lawyer, the charges will be dropped. Unfortunately, cases do not always go that smoothly. If there really is not enough information your lawyer may also decide to do nothing at all and let the case play out. Eventually the prosecutor is going to realize they do not have enough information and drop the case on their own.

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