Creating Great Style With High Quality Men’s Hats from Around the World

For gentlemen, there are few more distinguishing pieces of outerwear than a finely crafted hat. While top hats do not carry the same importance as they did for centuries, a distinctive hat as part of a man’s wardrobe is still considered essential.

Casual and Formal Men’s Hats

Formal top hats were a part of men’s dress and business attire for centuries. Fedora’s were especially trendy hats for men to wear into the early 1970s. Today, a finely crafted hat is understood to be a popular accent piece of clothing that can be reflective of distinction, fine dress, casual wear, or a clothing finishing piece.

Top hats, widely worn by many men until the early 1900s, are often worn by men at formal engagements especially weddings. Today’s most popular men’s hats include the wide-ranging styles of classic fedora’s, flat caps, straw and outback hats, brim or bowler hats, Panama hats, Sherlock hats, Western-styled hats, newsboys hats, safari, porkpie hats, and more.

Men’s Hats As A Defining Accent

Men that wear dress hats are usually consciously aware of their fashion statements. Today’s high-quality hats are made from a wide variety of materials, including felt, wool, tweed, straw, and leathers. Men looking for the best in high-quality dress, casual, and accent hats, will find it at Sherlock Hats. With premium-quality hats from around the world, and top quality styles like Kangol Hat 504, Open Road Royal Deluxe Hat by Stetson, the Dreistern Brim, and so much more, at reasonable prices with free shipping to all Israel locations. To find out more about the Kangol Hat 504 or any other favorite styled hats you can browse the selection.

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