Create A Tropical Ambiance With Artificial Palm Trees

Most people when asked to name a feature of the tropics will start by saying they are hot places. If you ask them for a symbol of such hot places, many may well respond by mentioning palm trees. Palms can grow in quite a wide selection of climates but they do grow better when there is plenty of hot sunshine and fairly high humidity along with frequent rains.


Historically, palms have always held significance – think of Palm Sunday for example. The significance of palm probably grew out of the usefulness of this family of plants which even today, still provide food, drink and construction materials for many people. They are one of the world’s most cultivated plants and their historic use as symbols for such things as wealth, fertility, peace or victory is hardly surprising.

In today’s world, where people who live in regions where palms do not grow naturally, can easily fly to vacation destinations in the tropics, the palm has become widely associated with such travel and tropical vacations. For this reason, many operators of resorts and hotels in temperate climes like to use palms for decorative purposes, sometimes indoors but, particularly, around swimming pools and sun terraces.

Possible Palm Problems

There are some 2,600 varieties in the palm family and most of them grow in attractive appearing shapes; some have even been bred specially for decorative appeal. However, anyone who has ever grown a palm will know that they require quite a high degree of maintenance. Most palms have a single trunk and no branches but somewhat large leaves grow on stems from the top of the tree. Palms are often quite fast growing and gain height each time one of the palm fronds falls from the top of the plant. Clearing away the fallen fronds can be quite a time consuming occupation. They can also fall on people below and possibly cause injury. Live palms also provide nice homes for a variety of bugs and insects.

Using Palms For Decoration Without Problems

Today’s manufacturers of artificial plants achieve remarkable results when it comes to the accuracy of their plant replications. Many of their products look at least as good as the living original. Artificial Palm Trees that are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing make having them in your home or around any premises a hassle free experience. All you have to do is choose which variety of palm, how many to have and where to place them to create an instant, maintenance free, tropical ambiance.

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