Create a Beautiful Outdoor Room and Pool for Your Orange County Home

Pool contractors in the Orange County area can create an outdoor room in your own backyard complete with a pool and spa for your home. Today’s contractors don’t just drop in a swimming pool and leave. They design beautiful spaces complete with landscaping and furniture that is perfect for relaxing or entertaining. You are only limited by your imagination.

Your Dream

A good pool contractor will make your dream of an outdoor area a reality. They will listen to your ideas and ask about the size and shape of pool or spa that you are interested in, look over the area you want to make over into an outdoor room, and discuss the design elements you appreciate. Your ideas are then turned into a design plan that is affordable and includes the most popular design options available.

What’s Available

Large and small pools and spas are available. This means you can make your dreams come true no matter what size space you have to work with. You can add custom features such as a waterfall to make the design uniquely yours, or you can take inspiration from the rooms inside of your house and create an outdoor retreat.

Design Elements

Creating an outdoor living space is done with the use of landscaping and furniture. Carefully placed, these items enhance your pool and spa. A beautifully designed space can be as simple as a few chairs placed on a covered patio to gardens that rival luxury resorts.

When you hire a pool contractor in Orange County, they will create a space for you that is beautiful and relaxing. These outdoor rooms use design elements, furniture, and landscaping to enhance your pool or spa. Visit Aquanetic Pools and Spa at to start making your dream of an outdoor pool room a reality.

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