Controlling Overpopulation of Animals with Spay and Neuter Services

While many families own pets that they love, it isn’t surprising to find many dogs and cats on the streets without any proper home or owner to care for them. These animals are unwanted and often end up in animal shelters or to simply live in the streets where they are subjected to cruelty from humans. Some become lucky when they are adopted by families or individuals who are in need of companions. In order to prevent the over population of stray cats and dogs, there are services called Spay and Neuter in Chandler AZ.

If you aren’t familiar with the terms, spay means the removal of the female reproductive organ while neuter is the removal of the male’s testicles. With the removal of the specific body organs there is a great reduction in the number of stray animals in communities. Garbage cans are not disturbed and the trash is kept intact inside the bins until the time it is collected. Spay and Neuter also reduces the expenses of communities in seeing to the welfare of the cats and dogs inside the animal shelters. Considering that these neglected animals have to be fed to save their lives and be given medical care and treatment, communities are able to save millions of dollars.

If you have a pet dog or cat that you want to be either spayed or neutered, a veterinarian can make an effortless surgical procedure under general anesthesia. You certainly don’t have to be anxious that your favored pet will suffer from extreme pain and discomfort since most veterinarians are highly experienced in handling the surgical procedure. If there are no services for Spay and Neuter in Chandler AZ, can you imagine the number of dogs and cats in the environment? Won’t it break the children’s heart if you have to give away puppies to neighbors and friends simply because you can no longer afford the responsibility?

Many are skeptical about having their pets spayed or neutered due to many unfounded myths.

1. The pet will get fat. The weight of your pet depends on the amount of food provided and the amount of exercise.

2. You don’t want your pet spayed or neutered because you are an animal lover; however, if you can no longer afford to provide for their offspring with enough food and preventive care, they would soon have to be given away which can be very frustrating.

3. Spay and neuter is expensive. No it isn’t since there are organized activities sponsored by communities that provide for either free or affordable prices. In the long run, the surgery is worth the cost since you don’t have to face the expenses of providing food, medical care, and treatment for your pet’s litters.

4. Since there is no frustration in curbing the natural urges, your pet becomes more contented and happy.

Spay and Neuter Chandler AZ – Communities encourage pet owners to avail of services for Spay and Neuter in Chandler AZ to reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats that multiply easily. For more details, visit Family Vet Care.

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