Contingency Law Firm Marketing: Tips for Standing Out

The number of contingency law firms is significant and growing steadily. With increased competition, it is paramount to find a way to make your firm stands out above all the others to ensure a steady line of clients and increased revenue. There are several elements that you can add to your marketing strategy that will highlight the uniqueness of your services.

1. Advertise Locally

Many contingency law firms do not consider advertising at all. Your company can benefit from advertising through local media. If your firm is local and specialized, highlight that to draw in clients who want to work with a local firm. If you have multiple locations, either in a select region or nationally, you can tailor each location’s advertising to the local audience.

2. Diversify Your Ads

To reach the widest range of people, you must also use the widest range of advertising. Some people may find you through television advertising. Others prefer to search online, so your website and online presence must be professional and informative. It may not be necessary to use every advertising outlet available, but selecting the means by which you reach your primary audience may take some testing.

3. Highlight Specializations

What makes the members of your firm different? In all of your advertising strategies, it is important to let potential clients know why your services are superior. Perhaps you have experience with specific types of cases or can give examples of unique/difficult cases that you have won in the past. You may have additional educational experience or specializations with your local state bar. Choose factors that highlight your dedication and passion for your industry.

4. Encourage Referrals

Although you likely will not have significant repeat business (in some cases you will), your previous clients can aid you in attracting new ones. When clients are satisfied with your services, they are more likely to tell their friends and relatives. You can send out a quarterly newsletter to your past and current clients, which will remind them that you are still available to help their friends and family. You will also want to create a referral program from professionals who may work with potential clients.

5. Partner with Local Organizations

You can demonstrate the quality of your firm and increase referrals through partnerships with local organizations relevant to your specialization. For Social Security disability clients, you may want to partner with groups who provide support to potential clients with chronic health conditions.
For a professional and personalized marketing strategy, a marketing agency can provide you with the most efficient means of applying these concepts as well as providing additional techniques to meet your needs.

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