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Avoiding a legal situation throughout an entire lifetime is very rare. When you find yourself facing a divorce, child custody situation, criminal charges, personal injuries from an accident, real estate law, or any other type of legal situation, contact the Wegmann Law Firm in Jefferson County MO for help. Their experienced attorneys will provide you with the legal knowledge you need to make a sound decision about the case.

If an individual is injured at work, the employer or the insurance company will not be there to help them through this difficult situation. The employer does not want to have a worker’s comp claim charged against their insurance and increase their rates. Completing the paperwork and getting it submitted on time is an important part of a successful workers’ compensation claim.

Personal Injury

A personal injury is very different from a workers’ compensation claim. A personal injury claim occurs when a careless individual inflicts bodily injury to another individual. This type of case can happen from an auto-mobile accident, medical malpractice incident, slip and fall, motorcycle accident and other similar situations.

A victim of a personal injury is entitled to receive compensation for their lost wages, medical bills, pain, suffering, and even funeral benefits if they lost their life from the injuries they have received. A surviving family member such as a spouse, child, or parent could be entitled to file a wrongful death on behalf of their deceased loved one.


When an individual is facing criminal charges, their future is on the line. A permanent criminal record will follow them throughout their life and could eliminate their chances of being gainfully employed or have custody of their children. At the Wegmann Law Firm in Jefferson County MO, an individual will find aggressive criminal defense attorneys who will fight for the best possible outcome for their case.

Sound legal advice from an experienced attorney is what you will need for any legal case you are facing. Although real estate transactions seem very simple, improper wording or legal clauses could result in devastating results. If you need legal advice about a legal case you are facing, please feel free to Click Here for more information.

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