Contact an Auto Injury Lawyer in Live Oak, FL After a Serious Accident

Most of the time, a person will just let their insurance company handle the aftermath of a car accident so they can get the money they need to recover financially. However, this is not always a good idea. In some cases, the person will want to contact an auto injury lawyer in Live Oak, FL for help obtaining the full amount of compensation for the accident.

When Is a Lawyer Necessary?

A simple fender bender doesn’t usually require the help of a lawyer since the person was not injured and the repairs needed are minimal. The insurance company will easily handle this. If a person suffers serious injuries from the accident, or the case is more complicated than one car hitting another car, the person might want to seek advice from a lawyer before accepting any settlement. If there is any question of a settlement offer being adequate, a legal consultation can help.

What Can the Lawyer Do?

The lawyer will review the settlement offer to determine if it’s adequate. If it is, the lawyer will suggest they accept the settlement. If it’s not adequate, the injured party can hire the lawyer and the lawyer will work to negotiate a higher settlement. If this is not successful, the lawyer could take the case to court where a judge will decide the final settlement amount.

What If the Person Cannot Afford a Lawyer?

Not being able to afford a lawyer will not prevent the injured person from seeking legal assistance. Auto accident cases are typically done on a contingency basis. This means the lawyer is not paid until the person obtains a settlement and will not receive compensation for their services if the person does not obtain a settlement. There may be minimal fees while the case is ongoing, but they will not be expected to pay a retainer like most other legal situations.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you may want to seek advice from an auto injury lawyer in Live Oak, FL to make sure you receive adequate compensation and to ensure you have help if the settlement you’re offered is too low. Visit now to find a lawyer who is ready to work with you or to get more information that might be helpful.

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