Consulting A California Car And Truck Accident Attorney To Establish Litigation Requirements

A California Car and Truck Accident Attorney advocates the rights of accident victims through the litigation process. This process provides victims with the ability to file a claim in court to present the effects their injuries had on their lives and ability to support their families. These cases consist of volumes of medical evidence that presents a detailed account of the victim’s injuries to include how they were sustained as well as how they affect the victim. With permanent injuries, these attorneys may initiate the mediation process to acquire a quick settlement. To discuss a personal injury with an attorney today, contact Brian G. Workman, Attorney at Law today.

Requirements for a Car Accident Claim

First, you must provide a copy of the accident report along with your medical evidence and auto repair estimate. This report establishes who is at fault for the accident. It also determines whether or not other factors contributed to the accident such as alcohol or controlled substances. Your attorney utilizes all of this documentation to establish fault and file a personal injury claim through the court for you.

Local Attorneys

Brian G. Workman, Attorney at Law presents you with victim’s rights in legal proceedings. These rights entitle you to fight for compensation after a car or truck accident. This attorney accumulates evidence associated with your accident to include the accident report provided by law enforcement. Within your claim, he presents the facts based on your doctor’s findings after your injuries were sustained. To discuss your car accident and injuries with this attorney, contact him locally at the number that appears on his website at


Your preferred California Car and Truck Accident Attorney offers you the chance to acquire effective legal representation after an automobile accident. This attorney produces an injury claim that reflects all of the information related to this accident. It is necessary to detail these events conclusively to enable the judge to receive a clear picture of how the accident occurred. Your injuries are listed within this claim before submission and medical records are acquired to accompany this claim. To hire an attorney for a personal injury, call Brian G. Workman, Attorney at Law.


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