Considering The Edge Profiles For Bloomington Countertops

One of the things many people do not realize when they choose marble or granite countertops for their kitchen or bathroom in Bloomington is the customization options they have.

Not only will the homeowner choose the actual slab of granite or marble for the home, but they can also select the edge profile. Marble and granite are a thicker natural stone, which means it sits on top of the kitchen cabinets. There are different types of profiles which can cover up where the counter and the cabinet meets make this area a part of the design.

On Top Of the Cabinets

When the marble or granite countertops sits on top of the cabinets and the area where the join is part of the design, there are several options for the profile edge. A bevel or round edge takes the sharp edge off with either a slightly rounded or a flat bevel. The amount of round or bevel varies from very slight to more pronounced. All options prevent chipping of the upper edge of the counters and also offers a softer look that is comfortable to work on and lean against.

A more elaborate type of edge that is very popular is the Ogee. This can be considered big or small and includes a step down followed by a rounded edge. Bullnose options allow for more significant rounding from the top ΒΌ to the full thickness of the slab.


A full half bullnose, waterfall or apron waterfall, and a laminated edge have an additional section of marble or granite which covers the top area of the cabinet, hiding the area where the two materials join. These are more elaborate in design but also very classical, giving a slightly extended countertop over the cabinet.

Take the time to compare the different edge profiles before making a choice for your Bloomington home. It is a good idea to go into a showroom and see how these look on full cabinets and countertops. The in-person experience gives you a good feel for how they will fit with your design style.

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