Considerations to Keep in Mind for Patient Accounts That Need to Be Paid

When you work in a medical office, one of the tasks that you’re going to need to perform is ensuring that payments are received from bills that are given to patients. These payments could be from the patients themselves or from insurance companies if the proper claim is filed. Here are a few areas of medical accounts receivable solutions to keep in mind while you’re in the office.

Understand Legal Issues

One of the details that you’re going to need to keep in mind is that there are legal concepts that need to be followed when you file claims and when you request payments for services that are rendered. You need to make sure all the medical codes are recorded properly and that all of the information about the charges are listed correctly, especially if you’re filing a claim with a state or federal health program.


If you see that the medical accounts receivable solutions aren’t going as planned, then consider offering negotiations with patients or insurance companies in order to settle for a lower amount than what is due. This can usually benefit your office because you’re going to receive at least some type of payment while also benefiting the patient as the full payment won’t need to be paid for the bill to be marked as complete.


For patients to know how much they owe the medical office so that they can complete the payment that needs to be made, they need to have access to their accounts. Try to make contact with patients so that you can make them aware of the details of the charges and when the payment is due, setting up a payment arrangement that is comfortable for each patient in order to get as many accounts receivable payments in the clear as possible.

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