Considerations Regarding Speed Bumps Constructed by a Paving Company in Madison CT

When the owner of a large parking lot for a strip mall wants to have the ground paved with asphalt, this individual may consider having a Paving Company in Madison CT build speed bumps to slow traffic in specific areas. This is normally done close to the building or on a private road nearby. The considerations are generally twofold: how effective the features will be and how annoying customers will find them.


Speed bumps as constructed by a Paving Company in Madison CT are effective in certain types of parking lot layouts. They are much less effective in others. If it’s easy for people to maneuver through a lot and avoid the private road with the speed bumps, many drivers will do that because they dislike the unpleasant jolt that comes with driving over the raised area, even at a slow speed. Check out Website to learn about one particular paving contractor.

Accident Reduction

These pavement features, as constructed by a contractor such as Sullivan Paving, are intended to reduce driver speed and prevent accidents. Fender-benders are very common in parking lots. In addition, one four-year study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that speed bumps and humps cut injury rates to children by more than half. Little kids may be inclined to run from a parking lot to a building, not recognizing that open area as an actual road.


Drivers may complain that speed bumps are hard on the suspension, but that’s not true as long as drivers take it easy going over these raised areas of pavement. The exception may be when the shocks and struts are already due for a replacement. Going over any type of bump or dip in the pavement then can make that problem obvious.

Speed Humps

Humps have a similar goal, but they are not as jarring. A speed bump almost forces a driver to stop to prevent the jolt, but a hump only requires slowing down to about 10 miles per hour. Humps are not part of the pavement but rather are additional devices made of rubber, metal or plastic. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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