Considerations Regarding Keeping Watercraft at Private Boat Docks in Lee County FL

Boat Docks in Lee County FL allow property owners to keep their watercraft docked next to the yard, making it convenient to use at any time. Nevertheless, many boat owners prefer to take the boat out of the water and store it elsewhere if they won’t be using it for a while. There are certain advantages to doing this.

Potential Problems for Absentee Owners

The boat owners may be heading north in the summer for a few weeks or longer, which is somewhat common among retirees in this area. Some haul their boat along, but others are already planning to pull a car with their camper. Leaving the boat docked at an empty home for this long makes it more vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and bad weather. At a minimum, they’ll want to cover certain types of motorboats if they leave one in the water.

Insurance Considerations

Related concerns people who only live in this waterfront home part of the year or use it as a weekend abode. Marine insurance companies charge more for policies covering a boat docked at a home that is not the primary place of residence. They know it’s more likely to be damaged or stolen. A better choice would be to keep it in a locked garage. A car port in front of the house is another option, as that typically is more visible to neighbors and also provides some protection from severe weather.

A Matter of Convenience

Nevertheless, keeping marine vessels at private boat docks in Lee County, FL is a common choice for owners of vacation properties. They want their watercraft to be ready to go as soon as they arrive for the weekend or for some much-needed time off.

Getting Started

Docks can be made of aluminum or plastic, but most people make the traditional choice of wood for these structures. They want a high-quality, durable material that makes a strong aesthetic impression as well. Wood for marine use like boat docking and piers, available in a variety of colors, can be purchased from a company such as Shoreline Lumber. Schedule an appointment to discuss ideas for the project.

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