Considerations Regarding a PTSD Workers Compensation Claim in Minnesota

Post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse commonly are connected, as individuals try to manage and relieve their symptoms with alcohol or sedatives. A person who believes this psychological condition is due to a situation at the workplace may wonder whether workers compensation benefits are available. A PTSD workers compensation claim in Minnesota can be successful under certain conditions.

An Example

The traumatic incident that caused the disorder must not be an occurrence that could reasonably be expected in the workplace. An example would be a store cashier being shot by a robber. Workers compensation should pay for the treatment of the physical injuries and also for the psychological harm that happened. This might involve ongoing psychological or psychiatric counseling.

The person might feel too scared to come back to work after healing physically. Providing lost wages through workers comp until this individual finds another job may be reasonable.

Compensation for Rehab

Alcohol or drug rehabilitation usually is not approved as part of a PTSD workers compensation claim in Minnesota. Nevertheless, some cases nationwide have been approved on appeal.

The benefits provider demands proof that the employee developed PTSD because of the traumatic incident at work. This may not be difficult if the employee was the victim of violent criminal behavior. However, the insurer also insists on proof that the substance use problem is a direct result of the traumatic incident.

An individual in this situation might benefit significantly more from inpatient rehab, which typically has a substantially higher price than outpatient services. Convincing the insurance company paying the benefits or a judge during an appeal can be difficult without an attorney.