Consider These Tips When Purchasing a Wooden Swing Set in New Jersey

If you are interested in purchasing a wooden swing set, there are a couple of things you should know. For example, cedar is often used for swing sets. It is naturally resistant to damage, decay, and rot. It is an affordable and durable option that will hold up for many years. Another option is redwood. This option is resistant to decay, rot, and damage because it contains tannin. This means that it is also immune to insect damage.

Something that you will want to consider is the base on the swing set. Some are at an angle and others are square. Angle based swing sets have room underneath the main deck where a tire swing is often located. Square-based swing sets often come with features like sandboxes, clubhouses, and picnic tables. It is possible to buy a mega set that combines the best features of both angle-based and square-based swing sets.

Pay close attention to safety features of wooden swing sets in New Jersey you are considering purchasing for your children or grandchildren. Be sure that commercial-grade hardware is used with the wooden swing sets in New Jersey and that the wood is predrilled and pre-sanded. This means that it will be smooth and ready to use. Children will be less likely to get splinters. The swing beam should consist of a piece of solid wood that is at least four by six.

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