Consider DIY Wedding Favors For Your Big Day

If you are like most couples, you will definitely want to get something special for your guests as a “thank you” for attending your wedding. Many couples will purchase off-the-shelf favors for their friends and family but others will opt for DIY favors. DIY wedding favors are becoming a hip trend in the wedding world and many couples are leaning towards favors that they can do on their own. We have listed some of the most unique DIY wedding favors below:

Personality Based Favor Boxes
One great DIY favor idea is to give favors based on the personality of your guests. Have different shaped favor boxes at your wedding with tags such as “adventurous,” “sporty,” and “natural”. Fill the boxes with relevant gifts any lay it on a table for your guests to take home. Not only will your wedding guests go away happy but you’ll get the joy of seeing what they choose!

Herbed Olive Oil
Herbed Olive Oil is an amazing favor and these oils are really not that difficult to make. All you need is fresh herbs, olive oil and a corked bottle; and you’re ready to make a practical wedding favor that will be very much appreciated by your guests. Start by washing all the ingredients going into your oil and let them dry as much as possible. Then, put a few leaves or sprigs into each bottle and pour in the olive oil. Add the cork on the bottle and you’re done! For an extra special touch, try adorning the bottles with a personalized tags and twine.

S’mores Kit
Everyone knows that the best wedding favor is the one you can eat. S’mores are not only delicious but very simple to put together. Put some graham crackers in a cello bag and then place a tea light, marshmallows and a Mini Hershey’s Bar on top. Tie the cello bag with string or ribbon for an extraordinary DIY wedding favor.

Potted Plants
DIY plant favors are super simple to make, and very budget friendly! All you need is a terra cotta pot with holes at the bottom for drainage, small succulents, gravel and a potting soil. Start by lining the bottom of each pot with gravel; this helps to speed up drainage. Then add in enough potting soil to cover the gravel. Gently place the plant into the terra cotta pot for a favor that is sure to make your guests smile months after your big day. You can also decorate the pot with your names, wedding date or a meaningful quotation for a more personal touch.

There is really no limit as to what you can do with your DIY wedding favors. So start looking for unique DIY wedding favor ideas by searching DIY websites, browsing social media or by reading articles and blogs and you’ll see where these sites can take you.


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