Consider Choosing A Closed Loop Air Conditioner

The rising cost of energy needed to create enough cool air to keep the interior of homes cool enough to be comfortable as the temperatures soar in the summer time has forced many home owner to reevaluate the situation. Some people have opted to forgo with the idea of using forced air, and have decided to learn to live with temperatures that happen to be higher than they would like. For others, this isn’t an option. Homes that have pets or elderly residents need to be cooled down as the temperatures climb.

When completely shutting off the air conditioner isn’t an option, the next best alternative will be looking for a more energy efficient model. Most home owners have found that the amount of money they save on utilities during the summer month quickly makes up for the purchase price of the new system.

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, you should give some serious consideration to getting a cooling water system, which is also often called an open loop cooling system. With the assistance of a heat exchanger, the system relies on water, instead of forced air, to cool the interior of the house. In most cases this works in a closed loop setup, after running through the pipes and cooling the house, the water returns to the cooling tower, where it’s freshly chilled before making another loop through the house. In addition to being an economical method for cooling homes, most people feel an open loop air conditioner also take less of a toll on the environment.

Provided you keep the closed loop air conditioner system in good repair, you’ll be amazed by how much money it saves you. The system uses the same water over and over again and the amount of energy used to force the water through the home is low. Even the cost of maintaining the unit will be minimal. While regular service calls are encouraged, major repairs to the set up are rare, this is especially true when the water used for the air conditioner come from a non-salt source.

A closed loop setup won’t be for everyone. Before making a final decision, you will want to speak to a professional, preferably the same professional you rely on when you need work done your current system. They will be able to advise you about whether or not a closed loop system will be right for you. By working closely with your professional you will be able to find the most economical and easy to care for system possible. Keeping the professional closely involved in the situation means they will know all about your new setups maintenance requirements.


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