Conditions That May Accompany a Bail Bond in Milford, CT

Courts, when determining bail for a defendant, also have the right to impose limitations or requirements on the defendant. They do so to ensure the individual will appear in court when when they are scheduled for a hearing. Furthermore, the person supplying the bail bond in Milford, CT may also ask the court to impose restrictions or limitations on the defendant, although the court is not mandated to place these conditions.

In the event the court does and the defendant violates any conditions, they may be taken into custody until the next court appearance and forfeit any bail that has been paid. What types of conditions might be imposed on a defendant?


The court may require a person to check in with their pretrial services officer or bail agent regularly until the court date arrives. These check-ins are designed to ensure the individual is complying with all conditions and orders of the court. Failure to meet one or more check-ins can result in the person being picked up and detained until the next court hearing.

No-Contact Restrictions

In certain cases, the court may require the defendant to avoid any contact with their accuser or other individuals connected to the case. This is often seen in cases of domestic violence or stalking. However, there are other situations where a no-contact order may be issued, such as when a person is accused of making criminal threats.

No Travel

A person who is accused of a crime will likely be told they cannot leave the area without informing the court or law enforcement officers connected to the case. In certain situations, the person may be required to turn over their passport also before being granted bail. The court considers the flight risk of the individual when making this determination.

These are only a few of the limitations or requirements that may be imposed on a defendant. The company supplying the bail bond in Milford, CT may request others, although there is no guarantee they will be granted by the court. However, defendants need to be aware of any conditions placed on them before their release. This helps to ensure no problems arise due to a miscommunication and the person appears in court as required. Visit Business Name. to learn more about these conditions and what is required in order to get a bail bond.

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