Components of a Custom Pallet in San Antonio

Ordinary pallets have thousands of uses across industries. They can be moved easily with a forklift or manual jack lift, depending on the weight and height. The flat surface is ideal for stacking items, boxes, or bags. Higher loads are typically shrink-wrapped to keep items together and secure as they set on the pallet in San Antonio.

They are used for moving and storing inventory, parts for manufacturing processes, construction materials, medical equipment, and even small vehicles. They can also be used to keep items off the ground or floor. Standard pallets can be made of hard plastic, wood, or metal, with the majority of them being wood. Pallets usually come in square shapes in limited standard sizing.

Not Appropriate for Everything

There are times when ordinary pallets will simply not be sufficient for the cargo. Sometimes, a single item has to be moved on a pallet that may be tall, odd-shaped, or too bulky for a box or crate. Fitting standard square pallets may not be possible for small or narrow storage areas. In that case, a custom pallet in San Antonio is exactly what is needed.

Experienced carpenters have been creating custom pallets for years. Any components or configurations needed or desired can be used on a custom pallet. A triangle-shaped pallet, for example, can be sized and built to fit perfectly into corners to maximize all available storage space. Pallets with short borders, solid surfaces, and half walls have been constructed.

Bracing, brackets for ropes, foam attached to the sides, and even framing can be added to secure, protect, or stabilize items. Custom pallets can also be reinforced loads heavier than regular pallets can withstand. The process is simple. Discuss unique needs with the carpenter, provide specifications, and approve the design of the pallet

Much More than Pallets

Custom crating is available as well. Lined compartments can be built into crates and protect fragile items. Shelves and supports can also be added. Eliminate the stress of shipping sensitive, delicate, or breakable items. Rest assured that the crate will keep items secured.

Just about anything desired in wood can be custom made. Sheds for the yard, small warehouse offices, a treehouse for the kids, furniture, and large or stacking decorative boxes are examples of past finished projects. Visit the website to discover details.

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