Compelling Reasons You May Need to Hire a Family Law Attorney for Your Case

Starting a family rarely requires any legal moves on your part. There are a few legal requirements for getting married and if you have children you need to register the birth, but otherwise, there isn’t much intervention from the courts.

This is not the case when it comes to dissolving a family unit. This process can require much more legal wrangling that likely falls beyond your expertise or understanding. When you want to pursue a divorce, child custody, support, or other legalities, you may need to hire a Denver family law lawyer to handle your case.

Filing for Divorce

You have the option of filing for divorce on your own. However, it may not be recommended if you and your spouse share minor children together. The court may require you to settle complicated matters like child custody, support, and division of marital assets before your divorce can be granted.

When you want these matters to be settled fairly and your rights to be protected, a Denver family law lawyer can represent you. Your attorney can petition the court on your behalf to ask for shared or primary custody, support, and your share of the marital assets.

Protection From Abuse

If you are leaving an abusive marriage or relationship, you may need the family court to protect you from your former spouse or partner. Without legal intervention, this person has no legal requirement to stay away from you. You may need your lawyer to ask the court for a protection from abuse order.

Your lawyer can also help you make use of legal resources like a shelter house where you and your children can stay temporarily until you are safe from danger. Your family law attorney can serve as your advocate until the divorce is settled.

You can find out more about family law options online.

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