Compassionate Divorce Mediation in Atlanta

If you are faced with the prospect of your marriage ending, it can be a very upsetting and challenging time for you. You have many questions, concerns and even fears about the future, your home and finances. Even worry about the welfare and mental health of your children and everyone involved often come into play. When you are faced with these uncertain times, you have choices and professionals who care. Consider your options and explore how divorce mediation in Atlanta can assist you in your time of need.

Why Not Go Straight to Litigation?

Many people facing this complicated legal arena are sometimes misinformed about the very reasonable and easy option of divorce mediation. This alternative to complex litigation provides several benefits over a lengthy courtroom procedure. Employing the quality services of an experienced and highly trained mediator, they use their knowledge to facilitate dispute resolution that is satisfactory to both parties. Some of the advantages include most importantly a significant reduction in the cost of the process. With an average litigated case cost in the fifty thousand dollar range, you can save valuable resources during a time of extreme change in your life. The time span of the entire process is often significantly reduced as well. Instead of years of litigation and waiting, issues can be resolved within months. Even with couples dealing with several difficult issues, the success rate is very high.

Answering the stressful questions related to child custody, property decisions and financial concerns involving bank accounts, child support, and alimony requires experience. You want to make sure that the entire process is equitable for all involved. When you successfully navigate divorce mediation, you give yourself, your former partner, and your family the knowledge that you made the best effort to resolve issues in a way that helps heal and move forward peacefully. Working together to resolve tough issues like education, parenting time, child care arrangements and finances can bring about positive resolutions and schedules that assist in a positive outlook for all members of your family.

What Happens after Issues are Resolved?

When both parties are fully informed of all information involved regarding issues, there is a much higher chance of peaceful negotiations and helpful dialog. After you have come to successful agreements and are ready to move forward, the process is much less complicated than a full litigation procedure. While this process helps many couples succeed in resolving matters, it does remain an optional process, or can be used to deal with just a few unsettled concerns. When all matters are settled, your legal professional will prepare a special document that outlines all the terms of the agreed upon items. This is referred to as a Memorandum of Understanding. With this finalized, formal petition and agreement papers can be created and your divorce mediations services can be considered a success.

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