Comparing The Features Of Stud Welder Gun Designs

For any many stud weld jobs, the use of the stud welder handheld weld tool is going to be significant. This means a lot of stud welds on the project and perhaps days spent in stud welding. On large projects such as shipbuilding, construction and on bridge contracts, this can be weeks or months of using the tool.

Having a quality built stud welder gun to stand up to this type of continual use is important. The last thing the welder or the contractors needs to have to deal with is downtime due to equipment failure. Choosing a top manufacturer with a solid reputation in designing and manufacturing quality handheld welding tools will be the first comparison to make.

There are also several other factors to consider before making a choice of a stud welder gun. Ideally, avoid eliminating specific models based on price alone. Instead, use price as a final consideration once you have ensured the welder gun offers all the basics required.

Built for the Job

Choosing between a drawn arc and a CD weld stud gun will be the first step. Generally, CD handheld weld tools are used for smaller stud welds and thinner base pieces to prevent any type of damage to the opposite side.

With the CD handheld well tools, they tend to be larger and more rugged as they are used for heavier duty stud welds. Some companies also offer a heavy-duty welding tool for stud welds larger than 5/8th.

Practically Designed

With hours spent holding the stud welder gun at all angles and in all positions, having a gun with a comfortable, practical design will be essential. Handheld weld tools with smooth lift mechanism for easy operation is particularly important not just for a long life for the tool, but also for operator ease of use.

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