Comparing Stud Welder Gun Manufacturers

There is an increasing number of options in stud welding equipment, much of it coming into the United States from international manufacturers in different countries around the world.

While some of these complete stud welding systems, or the individual components of cables, power sources and stud welder gun models are low priced, they may not be the quality that would be found by top stud welding equipment manufacturers.

Before buying a stud welder gun, power source or cables from any manufacturer, including USA-based companies, it is well worth the time to do some research. This research should include the actual performance of the handheld tools in the field as well as the other system components.

Features Offered

There are different options in the types of stud welder gun models including CD and drawn arc systems. Additionally, some manufacturers offer a heavy-duty gun in their drawn arc system.

Look for features that include a lightweight design that is user-friendly and ergonomically designed. This is important as these handheld tools may be used all day long on big projects, so a comfortable, easy to use handheld tool should be a priority.

Company Focus

In addition to features and quality manufacturing, take a closer look at the focus of the manufacturer. Top companies offer stud welding systems, and products tend to specialize in this area. Many of the best manufacturers have been in business for decades, which allows people looking for handheld tools to check for a proven track record of customer service, quality products, and satisfied equipment operators.

As this is a specialized welding technology, staying with a specialized stud welding company is a smart decision. Check the company’s reputation in the industry to find out how durable, practical and efficient their hand held tools and systems are in real-life working applications.

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