Companies Providing Service for Bee Hive Control in Pittsburgh, PA Safely Remove the Insects

When honey bees build a new hive on a property, it is a disturbing event for a family. This is even more troubling if someone in the home is allergic to bee stings. They’ll want to call a company that offers service for Bee Hive Control in Pittsburgh PA. The hive should be carefully removed without harming the insects since they are so important for pollinating plants. Professional beekeepers adopt these wild hives and provide a safe haven for the bees.

The Potential Loss of Honey and Pollination

In addition to pollination, the bees, obviously, are crucial for producing honey. There would be none of this delightful sweet substance without these particular insects. Unfortunately, honey bee populations have been dwindling for at least 10 years around the globe. The loss of honey might only be a small sorrow, but the loss of bees for pollination could spell disaster.

Aggression Triggers

Honey bees are normally not aggressive. Even if a hive is nearby and the insects fly into the yard to collect nectar from flowers, they usually will not bother anybody. However, the risk comes with people and their pets bothering the bees. A curious dog might pounce on a bee, only to suffer a nasty sting. A child might be playing in the yard with no shoes on and inadvertently step on a bee, compelling it to sting.

Problems for Bee Populations

Bees are negatively affected by a problem scientifically known as colony collapse as well as hive infestations by mites. Scientists are still not completely sure what causes colonies to essentially disappear, apparently having died off while the insects are out of the hive. It may be agricultural crop pesticides that are poisoning them.

For all these reasons, careful removal of the insects by a company providing Bee Hive Control in Pittsburgh PA is important. The bugs will be gathered in a way that does not scare the bees or make them feel threatened. They’ll be carried away to a place where they can thrive. Anyone who needs assistance with a hive on the property may contact a company such as The-Beeman, with contact details at

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