Common Questions And Answers About Car Insurance In Mohnton, PA

When you need to purchase Car Insurance in Mohnton, PA, you want to get the type of coverage you need at a price you can afford. Buying insurance can be complicated because you want to have enough coverage without paying for something that you don’t really need. Below you’ll find information about different types of insurance policies so you can make an informed decision.

Q.) I’m a safe driver, do I have to buy vehicle insurance?

A.) According to Pennsylvania state law, all owners of registered vehicles must purchase liability insurance. This coverage, also known as financial responsibility insurance, pays for any injuries to other people and damage to their property if you were at fault in an accident. Even if you are a safe driver, unforeseen events can happen and when you have liability insurance, you won’t have to pay these damages out of your own pocket.

Q.) I’m going to buy a new car, but I’ll have to get a loan from my bank, will I need to purchase any special type of insurance?

A.) In addition to liability insurance, most lenders require you to purchase collision insurance on your vehicle as a stipulation for the loan. This type of insurance policy pays for the damage to your automobile if you’re in an accident. When purchasing collision insurance, you’ll have a deductible to pay for your vehicle repairs before the insurance pays the balance.

Q.) My old vehicle was damaged from a hail storm and I didn’t have insurance to get it fixed. What type of insurance do I need to make sure that this type of damage is paid for if it happens again?

A.) The type of policy that covers damages to your vehicle from wind, hail, fire, flood or theft is called comprehensive insurance. If you’re paying for your vehicle through a lender, you may be required to purchase this type of insurance as well as a collision policy. There’s usually a deducible you’ll have to pay for a comprehensive policy and you can choose how much of a deductible you want. The bigger deductible you have on your policy, the less you’ll pay for your insurance premium.

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