Common Questions About The Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

Obtaining a medical marijuana card in Ohio is a simple process, but there are specific steps that the patient must complete. Unfortunately, not all medical doctors in the state understand the process or can assist their patients in going through the process.

In Ohio, all medical marijuana doctors must complete a state-approved training and exam to see patients and make a recommendation for medical marijuana. Asking any questions about the process to these specialized doctors and services is always the best option to get up-to-date and accurate answers.

Does the medical marijuana doctor give me the medical marijuana card?

The medical marijuana doctor only makes a recommendation for medical marijuana in the state registry. The state then issues the medical card to the patient. The patient must pay the state fee, which is separate from the fee for the visit to the medical marijuana doctor.

How long is registration active or valid?

The registration is valid for one year after the date the state issues the medical marijuana card to the patient. The patient can request to see a medical marijuana doctor at any time, including prior to the expiration of the current medical card.

What qualifies a patient for a medical card?

There are a number of qualifying medical and psychological conditions recognized by the state. These include many diseases that cause chronic pain, neurological conditions, or seizures. It is essential to check with the state website or a trusted online medical marijuana website as qualifying conditions are added to the list through advocacy and increasing research on the use of medical marijuana.

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