Common Problems with Air Conditioning in Franklin, TN

During the hot summer months, there is nothing worse than having an air conditioner that doesn’t work. There are many common problems that can easily be repaired. Some can even be taken care of by home owners, although for most, it is recommended that a professional HVAC technician be called in to do the job. One of the most common problems is that the unit isn’t being used properly. If the home’s windows aren’t closed while the unit is turned on, it isn’t going to provide much in the way of cool air. If a room unit is being used, it is best to try and isolate that room or rooms from the rest of the home so they get the right amount of cooling.

Faulty installation is another common problem with air conditioning Franklin TN. This usually happens when people try to install the unit themselves instead of having the job done by a professional. Improper maintenance is another reason why these units fail to work when people really need them. For instance, if owners don’t clean/change filters and air conditioning coils, the unit will have a build-up of dirt and not work the way it should, as it can cause the compressor or fans to stop working.

One of the most common issues is a refrigerant leak. If it is leaking, the unit will be low on refrigerant, which it needs to provide cool air. It is not enough just to add more refrigerant. This is when home owners need to call in technicians who are trained to fix all types of air conditioner leaks. Once they have fixed the problem, they will test the repair and when they are certain that everything is working properly, they will add the right amount of refrigerant. Another reason to have leaks fixed right away is that the refrigerant is damaging to the environment.

When home owners have problems with air conditioning in Franklin, TN, they call in the experts at Chiles Heating & Cooling. Customers can browse site to learn more about the various services offered, including air conditioner repair.


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