Common Issues and Garage Door Repair in Metro West MA

Garage doors are used very frequently and may even be used every day. As with all things, over time garage doors will wear out and require professional repair. Whether the door is in need of repair due to regular wear and tear over time, technical issues, or even emergencies involving accidents causing the door to stop working, professionals will be able to fix the problems in a few days or maybe even a few hours.

Common Garage Door Issues

Garage doors contain a lot of working parts, and all of these parts are necessary for the function of the door. Common garage door issues include track misalignment, broken springs and cables, insulation issues, and more technical problems such as broken transmitters and misaligned photo eyes (these keep the door from closing while something is underneath it). While solutions may seem as simple as moving a misplaced item out of the sensor of the photo eye, it is important to get a professional opinion for your own safety. Maintaining proper repair of the garage door is essential in maintaining the safety and security of the door.

How Professionals Will Handle It

While they may seem complex to a novice, professionals know that garage doors are of simple engineering and will be able to fix basically any issue presented. Professionals will first diagnose any issues with the door and then obtain proper materials to fix it, potentially presenting you with a quote. Generally, repairs cost a few hundred dollars, but sometimes the problem may even be large enough to require a replacement. For instance, if the door is warped or dented presenting an insulation or security issue, the best course of action would be to replace the door. Many options may be presented to provide you will the most cost-efficient method of repair.

Hiring a Professional

While it may sound tempting to fix these issues on your own, the safe and time efficient solution is to hire a professional. If the garage door has been installed recently, it is important to check for warranties as this can save a lot of money. Many garage door repair services are open 24/7 for emergency repairs and will have the door fixed for the long term in a matter of hours. For more information on Garage Door Repair in Metro West MA, click here. Find us on Facebook!

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