Common Cosmetic Surgery Myths

The Beverly Hills CA Cosmetic Surgery procedures patients undergo has many common myths that may be misleading. Here are some of the most common myths and the truths behind them.
Myth: Cosmetic Surgery is the same as plastic surgery
Cosmetic surgery is a completely elective procedure focused on improving or changing one’s looks. Plastic surgery can be performed for health concerns as well.

Myth: Cosmetic Surgery is for women
Although it is perceived that women are the only people pursuing cosmetic surgery, there are many men who may request cosmetic procedures as well. A consumer survey taken by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons found 12 percent of men were considering having a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Myth: Breast implants fix sagging breasts
Breast implants may be used as part of an overall improvement to the look of breasts; however it is a breast lift that will reduce the sagging.

Myth: You cannot breast feed with breast implants.
It is in fact safe and possible to breast feed with breast implants. Some silicone can be transferred into the breast milk but it is not considered to be enough to be dangerous for babies.

Myth: Liposuction is the best way to lose weight
Liposuction is usually not performed until a patient has tried to lose weight naturally first. The combination of weight loss and liposuction will definitely work well together for overall weight loss.

Myth: Fat will return after liposuction
This is more difficult to explain. Fat cells are removed during liposuction so in theory they can not return. However, what can happen is that the fat cells can enlarge and return the appearance and weight of excess fat.

Myth: Botox makes eye lids sag
Although this can be true it is a temporary side effect of the treatment. It occurs in 2 percent of the patients who receive Botox treatment.

Myth: Botox will cause paralysis of the face
Botox injections are designed to relax the face muscles and remove the appearance of wrinkles. When applied properly it will do only this. However, if used improperly it can cause issues making it difficult for your face to form expressions.

Understanding what is true and what is myth will help you feel more comfortable pursuing Beverly Hills CA cosmetic surgery.

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