Common Concerns With Tank Removals in Springfield, NJ

Tank removals in Springfield NJ can be much more complex than many people realize. If they are above ground and outside, it can often be a simple project. For tanks that are located in a basement, or underground, it is much more difficult. There is the worry of damage to the home or the yard, and the potential for oil spills.

The problems include removing all old piping to the tanks, emptying out any oil or oil residue remaining to prevent any spills and to take apart and move the tanks. This has to be done despite the risk of fire when using anything that creates a flame or spark. The weight of the tank is also a concern because it is a large and bulky item that can weigh nearly 300 pounds, even when empty.

Underground tanks should be removed before they begin to leak, but this is not always what happens. If a leak has occurred, it could be an, even more, extensive clean up, and homeowner’s insurance does not always cover the complete cost. Leaving an unused, non-leaking tank in the ground is usually only allowed with special approval from the local government or fire department. Since they may require the tank to be encased in cement or sand, it is usually still more affordable to remove, rather than leave, an old tank.

The best solution for tank removals in Springfield NJ is to not consider it a do-it-yourself process. Contact a fuel supply company to handle the removal instead. They have the equipment to pump out any remaining oil, clean up any spillage and remove the tank quickly. They also provide all of the equipment for installing new tanks and can perform a complete inspection of the fuel lines and heating system at the same time, to prevent any future concerns.

Check us out to learn more about the services and products available. There are many options that homeowners can consider in addition to oil heat. Conversion programs are available for homeowners who are interested in upgrading their systems. Homeowners who are loyal to their oil heating systems can benefit from a tank protection program, automatic delivery, and budget plans. There is a sensible solution available for everyone.

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